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Corporate Diversity Search, Inc. is a nationwide executive search firm specializing in the placement of women and minorities and advertising open requisitions. While we assist hiring organizations with enhancing their diversity recruitment of top performing talent our expertise is twofold: identifying highly skilled professionals who possess the experience, academic credentials, and commitment necessary for middle and upper level positions; and secondly, always focusing on the cultural and personal connection that leads to long term success for both the candidate and corporation.

Since 1993, we have assisted our clients with presenting prescreened, highly-qualified proven achievers for positions in a wide range of functional areas including:

  • Engineering (BS, MS, PhD, MBA)
  • Sciences (BS, MS, PhD)
  • Accounting and Finance
  • Manufacturing
  • Information Technology
  • Sales and Marketing and others

Our recruitment approach for developing a pipeline of qualified candidates or fulfilling an immediate hiring need has been developed to provide flexibility, cost containment, quality, and continuous improvement. Through this model we provide new talent who will ultimately enhance business performance and profitability.

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Single Job Posting: $150 for 45 days
3 to 4 job postings - $140 each
5 to 9 job postings - $135 each
10 to 14 job postings - $130 each
15 to 24 job postings - $125 each
25 to 49 job postings - $120 each
50 to 99 job postings - $110 each
100+ job postings - $90 each

Flexible posting options: For Bulk and Annual Pricing please contact our office at 585.787.0537 or email info@corpdiversitysearch.com
Featured Employer Status: $650 for 45 days
  • Hyperlink to an employer's profile and their current open positions.
  • Area is marketed to potential candidates as part of our Candidate Services

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If you have the need to post more positions that our packages indicate, or have any other questions, please contact us us for assistance.